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The USPA Recommended Equipment List isn’t just a directory, it’s a statement. By joining, you not only help champion our Team USA members at IPL World Championships, but also gain a trusted space for your brand amidst thousands of visitors. It’s more than a listing—it’s a partnership for growth.



more than just a listing

Together, we not only build better athletes but stronger communities and brands. Join us in this symbiotic journey of growth and recognition.

Empower Team USA's Journey & Support Tomorrow’s Champions

Every contribution directly empowers our athletes, propelling them from IPL World Championships. By joining, you're not just building your brand; you're building dreams.

Connect with a Captive Audience & Reach Thousands Every Year

Over 22,000 yearly visitors, all passionate about their craft and looking for the best equipment. Being on the USPA Recommended Equipment List puts your brand front and center.

Stand Out with a Seal of Trust & Recognition

Being listed with USPA isn’t just about visibility; it signifies that you're a trusted partner. Athletes, both seasoned and newcomers, will recognize your commitment to quality and athleticism.


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For a yearly fee, you’re making a powerful statement: that you believe in Team USA, and you’re here to support their greatness. And in return, we’re here to champion yours. Please fill out the application below and then proceed to pay.


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By joining, you’ll be supporting Team USA in their journey to Nationals and Worlds. In addition, your company gets valuable exposure to thousands of yearly visitors, cementing your brand as a trusted industry name.

Our Recommended Equipment List receives over 22,000 visitors each year, offering immense visibility and potential for vendors like you.

The funds go directly towards supporting our Team USA members in their training, competition fees, travel expenses, lodging and other essentials as they represent us at Nationals and Worlds.

The listing is based on an annual renewal. While we hope you see the value and continue supporting Team USA, you have the flexibility to decide yearly.

Each vendor on our list will have their company’s name prominently displayed, along with a direct link to their website, ensuring visitors can easily access your offerings.

Absolutely! We deeply appreciate and value any additional support for Team USA. As you finalize your spot on the USPA Recommended Equipment List, there’s an option to add a donation of your choice directly to your cart.

If you’d like to contribute beyond the available options or at a different time, please reach out to our team directly, and we’d be happy to assist.