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uspa_coaches_ID Name Email Address uspa_coaches_meta_active_coach City State
2.315 Amy Tucker [email protected] true Danville Alabama
2.334 Aaron Ecton [email protected] true Tucson Arizona
2.348 Adrian Lopez [email protected] true Sacramento California
2.353 Allie Holminski [email protected] true Rohnert Park California
2.388 Allan Mendoza [email protected] true La Habra California
2.398 Bassma Mancilla [email protected] true Temecula California
2.414 Alex Schmidt [email protected] true Hockessin Delaware
2.424 Bradly Bechel [email protected] true Troy Illinois
2.445 Allison Whorton [email protected] true Frostburg Maryland
2.484 Alejandro Wickham [email protected] true Sugar Notch Pennsylvania
2.490 Ann Hall [email protected] true Lincoln Rhode Island
2.499 Alex Rodriguez [email protected] true Austin Texas
2.514 Brandie Godsey [email protected] true Gate City Virginia
2.329 Chrystal Garcia [email protected] true Sahuarita Arizona
2.335 Brittany Ecton [email protected] true Tucson Arizona
2.357 Chris Perez [email protected] true Long Beach California
2.358 Courtney Ferguson [email protected] true San Marcos California
2.363 Caitlin Moore [email protected] true San Diego California
2.397 Cassandra Douglas [email protected] true Simi Valley California
2.416 David Bialski [email protected] true Miami Florida
2.446 Brandon Hoagland [email protected] true Salisbury Maryland
2.448 Christopher Preve [email protected] true Bellingham Massachusetts
2.461 Dan Purdom [email protected] true Helena Montana
2.474 Cody Chapel [email protected] true Dickinson North Dakota
2.512 Darla King [email protected] true Pflugerville Texas
2.519 Candace Delany [email protected] true Richland Washington
2.327 Devon Dischiavo [email protected] true Tucson Arizona
2.364 Dennis Alegre [email protected] true Tracy California
2.375 Eric Campbell [email protected] true Canyon Country California
2.394 Elizabeth Small [email protected] true Tehachapi California
2.418 Edward Livrieri [email protected] true Weston Florida
2.423 Eric Gonzalez [email protected] true Normal Illinois
2.426 David Frazier [email protected] true Van Horne Iowa
2.435 Duane Brewer [email protected] true Shelbyville Kentucky
2.475 Eric Noebe [email protected] true Warren Ohio
2.492 Elizabeth Baltes [email protected] true Conway South Carolina
2.493 Erin Harding [email protected] true Columbia South Carolina
2.500 David McCartney [email protected] true San Marcos Texas
2.511 Elda Negrete [email protected] true Leander Texas
2.528 Elisabeth Fuller [email protected] true Roseville California
2.330 Jessica Vanasselberg [email protected] true Tucson Arizona
2.339 Hillary Bowers [email protected] true Oakley California
2.349 James Paige [email protected] true Sacramento California
2.359 Jacob Mcbride [email protected] true Danville California
2.408 James O'Connor [email protected] true Bayfield Colorado
2.412 James Palermo [email protected] true Millsboro Delaware
2.430 Jeff R. Sandidge IV [email protected] true Des moines Iowa
2.472 James Gibbs [email protected] true Jacksonville North Carolina
2.487 Hismaylla Oliveira [email protected] true Bethlehem Pennsylvania
2.328 Jose Quintana [email protected] true Casa Grande Arizona


Why Become A Coach

In achieving certification, you demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to advance learning, achievement and increase your professional marketability, among other benefits. By maintaining your USPA Coaches Certification, you distinguish yourself as an accomplished strength and power coach, specializing in the sport of Powerlifting. It also demonstrates you are committed to the continuous improvement of your skills and knowledge.


Certification validates your qualifications and your advanced competence.


Certification demonstrates your desire to improve the quality of coaching services.


Certification assures professional recognition from your peers and colleagues.


Participants in the program are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)


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