Event Evaluation Form

USPA Event Evaluation Form

Name of person conducting the review
Name of meet director(s)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Were there three or more warm up areas?
Were there restaurants or food choices nearby?


USPA approved combo racks with face savers, USPA approved bars, copy of USPA approved gear list, copy of USPA Rulebook, scorecards printed front/back, kilo conversion charts, laptop, printer, paper, pens, pencils, and calibrated scale(s).
Events with two sessions must have two separate AM/PM sessions.


Was there ample parking?
Were combo racks, squat cages, or a crossfit rig used? Check all that apply.
Were face savers avaliable and used?
Were there TV monitors used in the warm-up room to view IronComp?
Were there an ample number of squat bars, power bars, and deadlift bars in the warm-up room?
Were pound or calibrated kilo plates used?
Were lifter flights posted in a timely manner and viewer friendly to the athletes?


Vinyl banner, cloth banner, pop-up banner, truss system, drape system, etc.


Were facesavers used?
Did the platform competition kilo plates have the calibration inserts in the plates?



Content of the event