Become A Referee

Referee Application Form

This form is required by all USPA volunteers who would like to be considered for the Referee/Staff Assistant positions stated herein. Please note that the background check is a mandatory requirement upon successful completion of the Referee exam. You will be notified by a staff member of the National office with instructions on how to proceed.

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with us and look forward to reviewing your application. Your contributions as a USPA referee will help us enhance the quality of our events and strengthen the powerlifting community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The USPA covers the cost of background checks for officials, while coaches are responsible for their own fees.

The timeframe for obtaining results can range from 10 minutes to more than three days.

Failing to complete a criminal background check will result in the individual being marked as inactive.

Applicants are categorized as either “clear” or “consider”. “Clear” applicants are immediately approved. If it indicates “consider”, the application may be approved, declined, or submitted to the Executive Committee for review.

The National Office staff will review reports marked as “consider” and bring any concerning reports to the committee chair for further discussion.

No, background checks do not generate an inquiry on an individual’s credit record and therefore do not impact credit scores.

A criminal background check will reveal any crimes that were prosecuted.

Any appeals or challenges to the results of a criminal background check must be adjudicated in court by the applicant before the USPA will reconsider the findings of the background check.